Car Guy

I’m a shop guy. I’ve spent my entire life in the automotive industry.

Some of my earliest memories are running around my dad’s shop in diapers. I grew up in that auto body shop, working there on summer and winter breaks during high school. My first job was washing cars.

Although I ultimately received my undergraduate degree in economics from George Washington University, I ended up back in the family business, almost by accident. But that was the best accident the ever happened to me – it turned into a decade of running a multi-million-dollar business in my early 20s.

Growing up in a small business, I saw the challenges that small business owners face, and one thing my dad taught me was to never trust your CPA to manage your tax liability.

Now, don’t get me wrong – CPAs are generally good, hard-working people who want to help people get organized, but their focus is on compliance.

Compliance is important, of course, especially when you’re working with the government; however, while that helps you avoid fines, it doesn’t reduce the taxes you owe.

Your CPA likely knows a lot – just not about collision repair businesses! Should certain expenses be claimed as deductions or credits? Are you personally paying for items that are actually legitimate business deductions?

Industry specialty matters, and that’s why we’ve developed a system that’s specifically applicable to automotive business owners. We look at your unique situation and devise a strategy to maximize your tax plan and save you money! We help you make tax filing work to your benefit, not the government’s, legally and ethically.

The automotive industry is not just what I do, it’s part of who I am!

I want to help you save money on your shop’s taxes, and that’s why I’m offering 5 Tax Mistakes That Cost You Thousands, a $79 value, for free!

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