Attention Accountants

Frustrated With Answering Endless ERTC Questions?

Refer Your Client To Us. Save Time Guiding Them. Earn Commission On Each Client.

ERTC Could Be Huge For Your Accounting Firm & Clients

You could spend hours (or days) trying to figure out the labyrinth of rules the IRS and Congress put in place (hours you’ll probably never be paid for). You could tell them you don’t handle the ERTC and send them to one of your competitors, knowing they may never come back. You could go ahead and fill everything out, taking a big risk they will be rejected or even triggering an audit over a petty technical detail. Any one of these could end up costing your clients a potentially massive tax credit and damaging your position as their go-to expert.

There Is Another Option

Hi! My name is Brad Mewes.

Since the beginning of this pandemic, my team and I have been fully focused on getting relief funding for small business owners. Right now, the ERTC is the best option for businesses in need of help, and we want to support you by helping your clients qualify.

We specialize in emergency aid funding and finance. In fact, we don’t do income taxes or compliance work at all, so there’s no risk that you’ll lose a client. Our sole focus is to come alongside accountants like yourself and help your clients take advantage of complex government programs like the ERTC. We serve as the secret weapon to help get results and look like a hero to your client.

Our partner program allows you to earn generous referral bonuses while your clients benefit from specialized ERTC expertise.

Considering how many of your clients need and qualify for the ERTC, you can create a meaningful revenue stream with little to no investment or effort required on your part. In fact, you’ll probably earn more in referral fees than you’d generate trying to figure out this program and do it on your own.

When You Partner With The Mewes Group

You give your clients access to the help they need, while you stay focused on your sweet spot of providing top-quality accounting and tax compliance as their go-to expert. In fact, with our expert team at your disposal, your go-to status is about to grow even more! That’s why so many CPA firms trust us to help their clients get relief funds.

We’ve already filed millions of dollars worth of these credits and the opportunities are incredible!

Our team will…

  • Quickly analyzes your client’s situation, at no cost or obligation, to make sure they qualify
  • Connect them to our system for a painless application process
  • File all your required forms and compile documentation to back it all up
  • Provide you full, lifetime support in the unlikely event of an audit

How Does This Work?

Step 1

Fill Out Affiliate Application

Step 2

Schedule Your Call

Step 3

Receive Your Custom Dashboard
Minimize your time spent researching and gathering paperwork. Our Custom Dashboard easily tracks every referral, their status and referral bonuses. Let the specialists do what they do best.
The Employee Retention Tax Credit can be life-changing for your clients and for your relationship with them, the program can’t last forever. Just like the PPP, Restaurant Revitalization Fund and others, these programs don’t end on a predictable schedule. They will run out of money or Congress will remove the funding without warning.
Don’t wait. Your clients may miss out on the life-changing funding they deserve.
Click the button to book your free consultation to know each other & see if a referral partnership makes sense.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know if a Referral Partnership Is Right for Me?

Do you find your clients asking you questions about tax credits you don’t have the answers to? Or find youself following complex instructions and making convoluded calculations that you’re not entirely confident in.

If you feel yourself getting frustrated researching areas that you frankly don’t have the time to research, a partnership mmight be a good fit.

We bring your clients complex tax credits and make you look like the hero in the process. You’ll never see us pitching bookkeeping, year end tax compliance or accounting services. We know our lane.

Do You Only Work With Accountants?

We have completed millions of dollars of tax refunds, and most of our work comes from referrals from happy clients and other referral partners. We’ve found that when our mutual clients have good accounting partners the process goes much smoother and quicker.

But don’t take our word for it. See what Jim has to say about referring work to us.

Do Any Of Your Services Directly Compete With Accountants?

Have you ever referred a client to a specialist, only to have that specialist steal that client from you? Yeah, it sucks.

We’ve experienced the sting of that as well. That’s why you’ll never find us pitching bookkeeping, accounting or tax filing work.

We’re really good at tax credit work. Really diving deep into the weeds to understand all the hundreds of ways a company can qualify for tax credits.