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Employee Retention Tax Credit: What is it?

If you’re a business owner that is still recovering from COVID-19 related financial crisis, PPP Loans aren’t your only solution. See what your accountant might have missed.

As of 5-31-2021, the PPP is officially over, but there is still stimulus money if you know where to look

The crazy days of March and April 2020 seem like distant memories. So if you didn’t get the PPP, or didn’t qualify for PPP2, what are your options?

I filed a $119,000 tax refund for a client today. Here’s how I did it.

I filed a tax refund for Mike today. Mike owns an auto repair business with 7 employees and wasn’t certain that he qualified for any stimulus money. But he did! This was the highlight of my week. (does anyone have this Microsoft sweater?)

The SBA is out of Money – Now What?

So if you didn’t get the PPP, what other options do you have? Well, quite a few actually. Take a look.

PPP Tax Impact

How Do PPP Loans Affect Your Taxes? The year is almost over, and it’s past time to organize your taxes for 2020. Considering all the twists and turns this year held, your upcoming taxes will probably look different than ever before. If you took out a PPP loan that was...

How Do You Complete a PPP Loan Necessity Questionnaire?

Months after the PPP rolled out, the SBA published Form 3509, the PPP loan necessity questionnaire that applies to for-profit businesses, along with its non-profit counterpart. Learn how to fill it out.

Could You Owe Taxes Even Though You Took a Loss in 2020?

Some shops took losses this year, even after accepting PPP grants, and looking at our clients’ situations, we’re seeing that they may still owe taxes for 2020, find out if you do too!

Big News from the SBA

Big news from the SBA. You’re not going to beleive how much they’ve incrased their funding. In an announcement today…

New COVID Bill – Feb 9, 2021

Today the House Ways and Means Committee released nine legislative proposals to help deliver additional COVID relief. A few things identified in the bill are as follows: