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I’m frustrated by the amount of tax I pay and want to reduce my taxes.

Tax Strategy



Do I need to hire someone for a tax strategy, I already have an accountant?

Has your accountant ever told you paying tax is a good problem to have? Not me! You hire a tax strategist to look at all your options to lower your tax liability, legally and ethically. Typically we find over $30,000 in taxes you are overpaying every single year.

Do you help me lower my loan payments?
While I may not be able to lower your interest rate, I can help you negotiate the best overall structure for you. Which often means less down payment, lower monthly payments, fewer total payments.
How can a fractional Chief Financial Officer help me?
Have you ever been told you that you made money, but your bank account tells you otherwise? Working with a fraction CFO increases your confidence that you are making the right financial decisions in your business.
Do I need to hire a broker to sell my business, I already received an offer?
You don’t have to hire anyone. You can always go it alone. You hire a broker because you want qualified experienced help with the most significant business transaction of your life.


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If you’re here, you’re probably making less money and paying more in taxes than you like, and you’re probably wondering what to do about it.

I’ve been there, so I know what it’s like. That’s why I’ve devoted my entire career to helping people get out of bad business structures and financial errors so that they can finally live their lives to the fullest.