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Claiming the employee retention tax credit can make a world of difference in the future of your business

Was Your Business Affected By COVID-19?

We’ve secured MILLIONS for over 250 companies, just like yours.

You could qualify for massive tax credits if your business experienced:

Small businesses were among the highest affected by COVID-19 shutdowns and the hardest to bounce back to continue business as usual.

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The Facts About Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC)

  • You can get as much as $26,000 per employee
  • You can potentially get hundreds of thousands in tax refunds (in the form of a check) that you never need to pay back and no rules on how you spend the refund.
  • You don’t need to have been fully shut down to qualify. You can qualify even if you were essential, if all of your operations could continue, but your operations were subject to covid modifications or even if your vendors could not get your critical supplies because of their covid restrictions.
  • You can qualify for this credit, even if you received other aid programs like PPP, PPP2, or RRF funds.

Hi, I’m Brad Mewes, CFO of The Mewes Group.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, my team and I have been fully focused on getting relief funding for small business owners.

In 2020, myself & other trusted sources were asked to participate on a call with the White House regarding the covid business relief programs. It quickly became quite apparent the government had very limited resources in forms of support for business owners filing for the relief. We have made it our mission since then to fill that gap. Right now, the ERTC is the best option for businesses in need of help, and we want to support you by helping you qualify.

We specialize in emergency aid funding and finance. In fact, we don’t do income taxes or compliance work at all, so we tend to work alongside your accountant. Our sole focus is to help you take advantage of complex government programs like the ERTC. We serve as the secret weapon to help get results and be the hero for your entire company.