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Claiming the employee retention tax credit can make a world of difference in the future of your business.

Was Your Business Affected By COVID-19?

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You could qualify for massive tax credits if your business experienced: 


  Social  Distancing


Financial Emergencies


Parts & Supply Shortages


 Staffing Shortages

Small businesses were among the highest affected by COVID-19 shutdowns and the hardest to bounce back to continue business as usual.

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The Facts About Employee Retention Tax Credits (ERTC)

  • You don’t need to be profitable to get huge benefits from this program, because the ERTC is a payroll tax credit, not an income tax credit.
  • You can get as much as $5,000 per employee, in 2020 and $21,000 per employee in 2021 
  • You can potentially get hundreds of thousands in tax refunds (in the form of a check)  that you never need to pay back and no rules on how you spend the refund.
  • You can even get an advanced check from the IRS if your credit exceeds the taxes you’re offsetting.
  • You don’t need to have been fully shut down to qualify. You can qualify even if all of your operations could continue, but your operations were subject to covid modifications, if your vendors were shut down, or even if you have a qualified reduction in gross receipts. 
  • You can qualify for this credit, even if you claimed PPP, PPP2, or RRF funds.

The last two years have been unlike anything we could have imagined. Our team stays up to date on the latest credits & programs to ensure that you are claiming the maximum credits you deserve. 

  • Make up for income, revenue? a lost year due to covid.
  • 100% guaranteed return on investment and zero risk to you
  • We do the heavy lifting and research up front. You don’t pay unless we help you secure funds