$500,000 check from the IRS?!

$500,000 check from the IRS?!

What would it feel like to get a half-million-dollar check in the mail from the IRS? Have you ever thought about that before? The IRS doesn’t give anybody half-million-dollar checks!

At least, not normally; and yet not one, not two, but three of my clients got checks recently for at least $500,000!

What is keeping businesses from these types of rebates?

Being knowledgeable about the tax credits and aid available to businesses is the first step in getting this kind of money back from the IRS. The biggest problem that I’ve seen with business owners trying to take advantage of the employee retention tax credit is that they don’t understand it! To further complicate the problem, there are countless tax advisors that don’t truly understand it either. Time and time again I hear stories from business owners about “experts” telling them they don’t qualify when they most certainly do!

The fact is, you can be an expert on taxes and accounting without being an expert on all available aid. In fact, nobody can possibly be familiar with everything that is out there! For that reason, we decided to become subject matter experts on the employee retention tax credit. We have a lot of CPAs and accountants who refer this work to us because we’ve developed the expertise needed to make sure nobody misses out on this great opportunity.

What could you do with $500,000?

It is often easy to neglect putting forth the time and effort needed for aid packages or relief because the amounts aren’t enough to justify the work. That being said, think long and hard about what you could do with a $500,000. The odds are that is an amount of money that you could put to good use in growing your business.

The best part about it? We do the work, not you! We’ve done this for over 100 companies now and the reality is that you probably do qualify. There are over 200 pages of details that you don’t need to know because we have learned all of the qualifiers and guidelines for you. You will have to answer some questions for us and provide some documents, but I would argue that for a half-million dollars it’s worth it.

There’s a lot of complexity here and we are here to help. I’m saddened by the fact that so many people are getting incorrect advice. They are being told they don’t qualify when in fact they do. We do all the work and calculations upfront; and once we both agree that you’re 100% qualified for these returns, we’ll file them.

For a layman’s guide to the employee retention tax credit check out our roadmap below:

A layman’s guide to the employee retention tax credit!

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