The last few remaining [billions] of dollars were trapped in community banks and minority depository institutions.

The crazy days of March and April 2020 seem like distant memories.

So if you didn’t get the PPP, or didn’t qualify for PPP2, what are your options?

The biggest opportunity is the employee retention credit. This credit is massive. It’s a refund you get on the payroll tax that you’ve paid.

And you pay payroll tax every time you issue a paycheck. So if you have employees, there is a good chance you qualify for these refunds. Even if you are an essential business.

Even if your sales are up. You can be eligible for as much as $29,000 per employee.

You read that right. $29,000 per employee.

Give me a shout if you’d like to learn more. We’ve filed for millions of dollars of refunds. You can learn a bit more about these refunds at: