Exciting news from Mewes Group!

Exciting news from Mewes Group!

It isn’t often as a business owner that you get the opportunity to make an exciting announcement at the end of the week. Today I get to be the happy exception to that rule!

Please welcome to the team: Suzanne Daniels!

I couldn’t be more excited to welcome Suzanne Daniels to the Mewes Group team! Suzanne is the former head of legal compliance at Eskom Holdings; which is the largest utility in South Africa! Moving forward, Suzanna will be handling all research and monitoring of compliance factors related to Covid mandates.

The experience gained from working at one of the largest utility companies in South Africa is something that can’t be replicated! Reporting directly to the board, Suzanne had the autonomy needed to truly become an expert at navigating the relationship between business, government, and legal.

Suzanne has extensive experience with:

  • Government regulations
  • Understanding the economics of law
  • Comprehension of how changes in law can affect business outcomes

Simply put, she gets it!

She understands how regulations impact businesses. She has a handle on the burden put on businesses by additional regulations. Best of all, she has the experience and background to back it all up!

The Mewes Group Legal Rockstar!

Suzanne truly is a rockstar! If it sounds like an exaggeration that is only because you haven’t had the chance to work with her yet!

Suzanne is second to none when it comes to attention to detail, has incredible business insight, and brings a gravitas to every project that can’t be put into words. Her addition to our team is a true game-changer! I don’t know of any other tax credit groups who retain their own in-house legal expert, much less one with her incredible background!

Creating the perfect team!

As the Mewes Group grows we focus heavily on bringing in new team members who add something to our team. Suzanne brings in a new element of expertise that ties directly into our core offering and will not only save our clients money; but also give them peace of mind. She adds to our already impressive team of experts on taxes, finance, and accounting by rounding out the legal and compliance angle of being a CFO.

Suzanne will be our secret weapon when it comes to finding money that is hiding in plain site!

I’m not only excited to have Suzanne on our team, I’m equally excited for everybody to see her amazing work in the near future!

If you have questions about what Suzanne’s expertise can do for you or just questions about the employee retention tax credit in general; get in touch and schedule a meeting!

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