I filed a $119,000 tax refund for a client today. Here’s how I did it.

I filed a $119,000 tax refund for a client today. Here’s how I did it.

This was the highlight of my week.

I filed a $119,000 tax refund for Mike today. Mike owns an auto repair business with 7 employees and wasn’t certain that he qualified for any stimulus money. But he did!

He told me – “Brad I’ll be honest – I wasn’t expecting this much. Are you sure this is correct?”

I’ve begun to get that response so often it seems normal.

It’s probably the same reason many CPAs are now actively referring this work to me and my team.

This is the biggest aid package that no one knows about.

It’s called the Employee Retention Tax Credit.

Most businesses qualify. (click here to see if you do)

But the rules are a bit confusing at times, even for experienced CPAs.

How does Employee Retention Tax Credit work?

  • Use my free ERTC calculator (or email me) to see your refund.
  • Schedule a free call and I’ll walk you through more details of the eligibility and answer any questions.
  • If we think you do well, we schedule more time to gather the required business and payroll docs and do all the calculations.

You’re probably wondering yeah this is just a way for Brad to get me on a sales call.

And that’s true…kind of.

Because this stuff does have so many moving parts we do all the work upfront so there are no surprises for anyone. There are zero risks to you.

And you don’t make an investment until you and I are both 100% sure you qualify.

Will you qualify for $119,000? You could, it all depends on the number of employees and other factors, start with the free instant calculator.

If you have any questions or think you may be eligible, click here to schedule your assessment.