Next Crash

Are You Ready for the Next Market Crash?

The Coronavirus Crash of 2020 took us all by surprise – many people and businesses are still recovering from the financial crisis resulting from COVID-19. With fears running rampant, we’re all wondering the same thing – when will the next market crash happen, and exactly how bad will it be?

Although we can’t predict the date or severity of the next crash here at Supplement Advisory, we CAN help you foresee your future financial situation a little more clearly by implementing smart tax planning strategies to stop your hard-earned dollars from going to the government – let’s keep it where it belongs: in your pocket!

No matter when the financial world next crashes down around us, Supplement Advisory can help you be prepared by:

  • Determining which tax planning strategies will save your shop the most money.
  • Identifying how to report any government assistance taken in 2020.
  • Calculating any prior year overpayments as well as current and future year savings.
  • Strategizing credits and reductions to reduce taxes owed.
  • Organizing documentation and assisting with tax filing.

Specializing in the automotive industry, Supplement Advisory doesn’t just know taxes – we also know shops! We know which training and equipment should be claimed as credits and which should be claimed as deductions. Our system is specifically geared towards automotive business owners, and it’s designed to save you money!

Dealing with crises is all about preparation, and by maximizing your tax planning strategy, you’ll be financially ready for the next market crash – whenever it occurs – plus you’ll have the added security of knowing that Supplement Advisory has your back.

Download 5 Tax Mistakes That Cost You Thousands now to learn about some simple but costly errors you may be making on your taxes.

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