ERTC payroll tax credit review and qualification process explained

ERTC payroll tax credit review and qualification process explained

We always follow the same three-step process every single time we’re working with you to get the ERTC payroll credits your business deserves. It’s very important we follow the detailed process as this process actually extends to getting every dollar you are owed.

It’s always these three steps.

Step One: Data Gathering

The first thing we do is have a simple list of documents that we need to gather in order to complete these calculations. Things like your 1941, which is your employee earnings by quarter, your PPP forgiveness amounts, revenue numbers, high-level stuff, right? You know the things that we need in order to calculate the credits and ensure that when we’re calculating these we’re not indifferently adding extra things on there that you’re not supposed to add that the employees that need to be excluded are excluded. Next, looking at qualified wages and are they appropriately calculated, that the nonqualified wages are appropriately excluded. All that stuff, Right? And that goes in that second phase, which is the analysis.

Step Two: Forms Analysis

Once we have all the documentation, then we do the heavy lifting on our side to the analysis. we’re putting together those forms of calculations, ensuring that we are following all the rules that we’re not double-dipping. That’s a big part of the, you know, the rules here don’t double-dip. if you’ve got the PPP, if you had sick and family leave, if you had extra aid, you don’t want to double-dip. Making sure we’re excluding all that for the purposes of the calculation.

Step Three: Account Review

And then the third part is once we do our analysis, once we determine what the total amount of the credits are, what the covered periods are, what the qualifying periods are, we review that with you and then we actually fill out the forms, right? And there are different forms for different time periods. You know, we might be amending previous forms that we’ve already filed. We might be incorporated in the current quarter and we might be filing for an advance. Different forms that you have to file differently. We of course do all that for you.

HERE is we see a lot of mistakes, business owners and CPA’s trying to DIY the data gathering. Instead, when we do it, we know we have all this information now. We need to compile that supporting documentation. Right? there might be government orders, government mandates, health department orders that need to be accounted for and saved. You know that they regulate how you’re able to do business as well as all those employee numbers and calculations. We are using data from what third parties are gathering like Quickbooks payroll data and all the supporting financial documentation to get you every dollar you deserve. We keep it all in one place, all one repository. By keeping all the proper documentation, if there’s ever a question that comes up like, How is this calculated? what did you do to arrive at this number? We all have that in one solid place.


We gather the data, analyze it, and review it for maximum ERTC stimulus refund dollars you are owned. If you have questions about these payroll tax credits, like:

  • How do ERTC credits work in my line of business?
  • Do I qualify for ERTC money?
  • Can I file for more than one quarter?

I’m happy to help walk through your situation and see, you know if you know what you might need to do to maximize these credits.


If you have any questions or think you may be eligible, click here to schedule your assessment.